Monday, February 26, 2007

A Mother gone to Heaven

It was with great sadness that I learned my best friend and ex-sister-in-law's mother passed away a few days ago. I wasn't home all weekend - went to visit my mother and stepdad and took in a movie on Sunday. When I got home, there was a tearful message on my machine. Our two lives have paralleled in so many instances. We are exactly 6 months to the day apart. Mishka and Sean her cousin were born within weeks of each other and Chicken and Lynn's next child, Charity grew up hooked at the hip. Our fathers died at young ages and she and I are psychic with each other too. We feel when something is wrong or a shadow passes over either of our families. Her mother intimidated me when I was a young girl and I was mad at her in my teens when she sent Lynn away and called my mother and told her I was a bad influence on Lynn (it was her way of justifying sending her away), but true friends can never really be separated and Lynn forgave her mother and I did too. I grew to love Lois and her sisters and Mother. They were second family to me. Lois not only gave me the gift of Lynn in my life, but she also led me to the Lord and that is the greatest gift she could have given me. She joins her wonderful mother "Mama Ritchie" who died three weeks ago. She joins a husband, mother, sisters, grandchildren born and unborn - Jesus says "You shall be known in Heaven as you are on Earth" and I know she is rejoicing with HIM and family right now. I will miss you Lois Mom!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bow Wows!

Got a chance to watch the Big Kahuna dog show last night and of course I want a dog. I have wanted one for some time, but I know I cannot have one until I don't have to work full time. I am a firm believer in a disciplined dog, although my cats are not too disciplined (I try). These dogs are so beautiful and really do love strutting their stuff in the ring. You will also learn a lot about the different breeds from watching these shows. I think Eukanuba does one also.I love the herding and hunting dogs. They are so bright and you can see it in their eyes. The announcer's on the Westminster Dog Show are very well-informed and let you know the pro's and con's of the breeds and whether they would be right for you as a pet. I know someday I will have a dog again, Buddy will enjoy having a dog around and Delta will probably just ignore it. I would love to have a pure bred dog, but I know my heart will take me to the animal shelter to adopt another member into our family.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Update on M

After viewing some horrific video of M's rant and ordeal with the police on the news this morning, I was pleased to learn that they did admit him to the psychiatric unit of the hospital. Dear M, I hope your mind is now at rest and you are getting the help you so truly hopes and prayers are for you to get the answers you have been looking for.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Falling Through The Cracks

Today was a very sad day. A dear friend of our family who is homeless (he chooses to live his lifestyle) went over the edge. I first learned of the incident on the morning news, but did not make the connection that it was M. He pulled his van up to a local TV station and lit some flares, when the employee's called the police (swat and state, local authorities) he threatened to ignite the inside of the van with himself in it. They played it on the news as a "Bomb Threat" and of course evacuated the area. He spoke with swat and he must have told them he had been treated at the VA hospital and that is how they found my sister, who used to be his girlfriend. M has had issues of anger over society, politics and law. He chose to opt out. My sister did not want that lifestyle and so they parted company, but he was and is our friend. We love him and want the best for him. We went to the hospital hoping to be able to provide some background info on him as he has no family here and we are his surrogate family. We are praying that he will not fall through the cracks of the justice system and get the help he so desperately needs. He is such a good man that has had a tragic past and has made some bad mistakes. Thank GOD he was not hurt and he didn't hurt anyone else....I am hoping for a happy ending to this story, please join me in thinking the good thoughts for him.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Finally Figured it Out

Well, I have been trying to blog for some time now and could not get back in since Blogger changed over. I have realized that I need to keep a book with all the passwords for all the places I go, as the only ones I really remember are the ones I use for my regular email and at work. The places I do not visit regularly just escape from my brain. So this one is now written down in the "BLUE BOOK" for safe keeping. Glad to be back!