Sunday, February 07, 2010

Things change so quickly

Well this year has been interesting so far. Time is going by faster and faster and in Winter I am always glad - It has been very mild so far and I see this every few years. I still cannot wait until spring arrives though. My birdies will be back and life renews, it is a cycle that never ceases to amaze me. GOD has been good to me and I thank him everyday for my dear family, for keeping them all safe and healthy.
Speaking of health - I have contracted Diabetes. I found it during my annual check-up. So important to have those check-ups. I am lucky and can control it with diet. I am still trying to find my bearings on that. Much of it is managing carbohydrates and portion control, which most Americans need to do. I did find out that if you have family members who have been diabetic that it ups the ante along with certain ethnic groups. Since I am part American Indian along with my English Heritage, I am predisposed. I am not a sweets hound, but I am a carb hound. I have been doing well testing my blood, but I feel like I am always hungry. If I can just get used to that...I will be okay.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It has been awhile

I haven't written much lately - all work all the time, but that is going to change. I have found if I just do a few little things for me - I feel so much better. I am eating better and less, reading, singing and of course playing with my pup. I am hooked on Mahjong and try a play a game or two on my breaks at work and a night when I get home - it really relaxes me and is good for the brain too! My goal is to get financially where I do not have to work full time and I have a 50 hour work week with my commute and it is wear and tear on my body, mind and spirit. Sooo...I keep plugging away at my goals and I know that I will accomplish them soon!