Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland at Our House

It is absolutely beautiful here at our house. The picture was one I took early this morning. What I really love is the quiet, not a sound. Even the birds were not up yet. They are busy now as I write. I put new suet out and our winter birds, Stellar Jays, Oregon Juncos and Woodpeckers are busy eating their breakfast. I have been working from home all week and it has been so enjoyable as my desk looks out on the feeders and the porch, so I can watch the birds feed and watch the cats watch the birds feed, then when the cats get too cold and decide to come in I get to watch Angel chase the cats! I wish I could send some of this snow we have way across the world to my daughter as she loves it. Don't know if our J would like it though, he is a sun person. Uh Oh, our squirrels are putting on a show to go!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

kitties & Pointsettias

Our dear neighbor sent us a beautiful pointsettia plant. I had vaguely rememembered that this could be a toxic plant to cats. Our female Delta wants to eat it and will not leave it alone. Buddy has also shown some interest, so off to the web I went to find out what the truth really is. Well, needless to say there were many opinions, some say yes they are toxic and some say no they are not. One wise source said this - Cats will vomit from eating any plant, including some of the plant grasses that are just for them. I knew that was true as I got some kitty grass and sure enough Delta vomited it right after ingesting, Buddy was not the least bit interested. Best bet is to keep the plant or any plants out of kitty's reach. We will be enjoying our plant in our bedroom as it is off limits to the animals, unless we let them snuggle with us!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meet Angel

This is the new girl in our lives - her name is Angel and she is about 9 months old. We are still considered "foster parents" as we have been taking care of her for a friend who was in an accident and unable to care for her. He may not be able to care for her as he has a broken leg and it is all pinned and has a steel rod too. She of course is very lively and would be underfoot in a small travel trailer. She fits into our family quite nicely and gives the cats some exercise too, if you know what I mean. I wish I had a photo of when we first got her as she still had a tippy ear, but then one day it just "stood up" just like the other one. She thinks she is bigger than the cats and I think they enjoy making her play chase. She has brought lots of enjoyment to our lives and especially my parents, who just adore her. She loves to run up into my Dad's chair and it is so cute when they are both taking a nap together. P.S. She is not yippy either!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brrrrrgh - Freezing temps!

Well I made it home in the nick of time on Saturday- followed a school bus all the way home and they made a great trail for me in the snow. It has snowed off and on all day today, but I made breakfast burritos and homemade split pea soup. I love to cook in this weather. Had to clean the satellite dish out once and I will not be going in early to work tomorrow. My youngest was cross country skiing and I was happy when she called and said they made it home okay as I checked the weather cam and it was snowing pretty good where she lives. We do not get severe weather very often so we are not necessarily great drivers in the snow and of course there are always those that thing the bigger the SUV the more invincible they are...Not! Shorty saw many of them in ditches on the side of the road, driving too fast and guess what guys???? Four wheel drive doesn't work on ICE. I am more worried about the temps that will be in the teens this week. I hate Ice, unless it is in my cold drink or someone is designing a sculpture!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let it Snow!!!

Well our first big snowfall is to happen tonight. I can hardly wait although I am not a fan of driving in it. I have to go to town and will be staying the night tonight in the Rogue Valley. We will see if I make it home tomorrow or not. In any case, I have a good book to read, there is some Hot Buttered Rum fixins at Gma's and I am set. I expect lots of Snowmen and women on the landscape tomorrow, but it is going to get really cold too! About 19 degrees. brrrrrrgh - Santa Weather for sure!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Drink up from the Santa Cup!

Thank you daughter for putting our favorite Santa on my blog site. That little cup is filled with so many good memories for me as I know it is for you and your baby sis too! It reminds me of the mysteriousness of Christmas. The joy and excitement a child and parent share during the holidays.
Even though this time of year can be rather hectic, for all the wrong reason I might add, I am filled with a great peace as my faith in GOD is renewed. I sometimes wonder why HE loves us so much as man can be so terribly wicked and self centered and self indulgent; but there is that spark in us all, that wants to do the right thing and has hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. That spark is what HE gave us, for us to do the right thing, care for others, go the extra mile, and see the BIG PICTURE. We all have several goals in common as human beings. We all want to be loved, hugged, see our children grow up happy, and leave our mark,(hopefully a good one) on this planet. I think that is what HE had in mind when he put us here. To take care of one another. That will be my New Year's resolution this year as I think it is attainable one.
On Christmas eve, I will be thinking of my family fondly, perhaps daydream a bit about when my girls were little and feel that excitement that we shared, once again.