Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sayonara Miska and J

It was so great to spend time with Mishka and J. We gathered the families together for a nice long visit at Gma's and all of us had a great time. Mishka and J were able to sell the Carolina house right away and they have been working on the Washington house and now have it on the market. I know it will sell right away also. It is really a cute house and the price is right. I have to pretend in my mind that they are just on vacation, even though is is going to be awhile before they are back to stay in the U.S. But I feel good about Oki - it is a wonderful place and I hope GOD Willing to visit them there again - I have dreams of snorkeling with the beautiful fish and I want to do it again while I am able to do so. I hope the rest of the family will take them up on their hospitality and see this beautiful island and meet the gracious Okinawan people.
So my Children, have a wonderful vacation and don't forget the postcards...