Monday, August 28, 2006

Patio Furniture Find

Well, the little well we use either has a pump problem or finally dried up and so we had to switch to the other well, which is deeper, but recovery is slower and water has more iron in it, even though we have it filtered. That means going to the laundromat to wash clothes. I take them home to dry them. As in most cases something good always comes from the little inconveniences in life. Because we had to go into town about 28 miles away, we stopped at a yard sale on the way. We picked up a glass patio table, four chairs and a really cool umbrella. The umbrella is about 8 feet across, muslim color and wooden framed. The whole thing cost $15.00. My backyard is ready for a party.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Labor Day - Labors

I decided to take the Friday before Labor Day weekend and the following Tuesday off. This gives me and D 5 days to get some serious projects done, before fall and winter set in. The major project is to put in a new bedroom window. Although it sounds difficult, we have got it down to a science. Once installed this will allow us to sheet rock this room and finish the siding outside. I am hoping for some quiet in our room once this project is complete. I will try and put up a photo on this site when we are done. I haven't tried doing that yet, so it will be a new thing to learn.

Friday, August 18, 2006

WeightWatcherdom or Doom

I weighed in. Took all my measurements and had a Smart One for breakfast. I have officially started my weight loss program. My goal is to replace every article of clothing I own! New undies, bra's and of course clothes! clothes! clothes! I am going to turn into a semi-foo foo girl too! Maybe have a manicure once in awhile. Perhaps a facial and a wax job, who knows, the world is my oyster - OOPS, I don't think I can eat those anymore....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday was a day from Hell at work. A board op played some bumper music that had the F Word and didn't hit the dump button as he had the monitor turned down. It is now a 300,000.00 fine for each incident. Needless to say it was a day of panic, trying to contact everyone and explain it was an accident and make sure it was not refeed over the stations that rebroadcast. So much for our free speech rights, okay to say it on Satellite Radio, and in the grocery store, on TV, but an accident can put small radio stations and syndicators out of business!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Rock, Roll and Rain

Thunder Rolling
Rain Tears Falling
Earth's Face

Much needed rain is falling as I write. Lots of thunder and some lightning and big drops of rain. I love the fresh ions in the air. They create such a clean and serene atmosphere, I always want to take deep breaths.
Buddy Rich our young male cat was quite impressed with the thunder, especially when it was right overhead and startled him out of a sound sleep. Delta Burke our four year old female was totally unimpressed. I guess she has been around the block a time or two an thunder is "old hat". The house is very quiet now and I love reading when it is just like this...sayonara

Well I finally made it

Well, I finally made it, my daughters Mishka and Chicken have been encouraging me to start my own blog - Mishka even set the site up for me. All I have to do is write - sounds so easy, right? It (the blog site) would not let me log on, said I need to enable cookies, and there might be a firewall problem. It has taken me about four hours to figure out the settings and yes, I did try to call Mishka so she could check my computer and walk me through it, but guess what? I figured it out all by myself and I am pretty proud of that. When you only have a myopic view of how computers work anyway and your IT friend is not available it can be pretty frustrating. Quoting the Bard "Alls Well that Ends Well...I hope to share funny stories, daily woes (not too many of those) and maybe a little HaHa Haiku.