Tuesday, September 26, 2006

She's a Saint but she smokes!

Saturday, William and Chicken took me up to see Mt. St. Helens. The weather was made to order and the drive was beautiful. One of the first things you notice is the replanting of trees. As in most replanted forests the trees are all symetrical and the same size, which creates an impressionistic landscape. Weyerhauser also planted along with fir trees, red alder and it was strange to see whole forests of them. Soon after though, the landscape shifts and rounding up the backside of the mountain you are impressed with the lunar landscape where the Lahare flows are. We saw 3 bull elk from the lookout, visited the museum and saw the film and then we were on our way to the front side of Helen. I cannot impress upon you overwhelming sensation of your own small self in the face of the power of nature when you look at her from this angle. She had at least 3 plumes going up at the same time. At her base we saw more elk crossing a ravine. I don't think she is ready to completely rest yet, time will tell. Nature is so powerful and wonderful and frightening at the same time. If you get a chance, I would encourage you to make the trek as it is a wonder of the age. Thank you William and Chicken for this special trip and another great memory stored.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodiles and Stingrays

It was with much sadness that I awoke to the news of the bizarre accidental death of Steve Irwin. I really enjoyed his personality, humor and bravery along with his expertise and knowledge of the animal world. I tuned into the Today show and then experienced so much outrage that I had to email the show and let them know of my disgust. Steve has been on the Today show many times for different interviews. I am sure they had quite a few in their archives. They instead chose to broadcast the one in which he defends his actions when he fed a croc while holding his son Bob in his arms. While I might not agree with his call on that one, I certainly felt that was the absolutely WRONG interview to replay during this sensitive time. I told them this was "National Enquirer Magazine" reporting and they owe his family and all his fans an on air apology and I challenged them to do so. Good Bye Steve, we will miss your smile, personality and showmanship. GOD Bless you and the wonderful family you left behind. You made us laugh and learn and care!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Foureyes and then some

I was so excited to find out they added vision coverage on our health insurance. Because I was going into "Big Town" this weekend I schedule and eye exam. I was way, way overdue. I managed to get it moved up a day and went through the usual procedure including the eye dilation, which is always fun for awhile. To my dismay, I have some issues with my eyes. Too much pressure in the eyes, which could mean glaucoma. He also found some differences in the optic nerves of my eyes. That is really scary. I have been anxiety ridden since he told me and he wants me to see a specialist. I guess I am a Kook as I am looking at everything in every detail, trying to etch it all in my brain, just in case the news is really bad. I would rather lose my hearing any day, then not be able to see the faces of those I love or the trees and ocean or not be able to read a book as I am a voracious reader. We think sometimes to be able to function is our right and it really is a priviledge. Those of you who pray, I would appreciate a word to HIM. The good news is I am going to have a really cool pair of glasses soon... I will keep you posted on the outcome.