Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank you Mishka!

Thank you Mishka for putting my HaHa kangi on my blog. I love it!


Well, we thought spring had sprung, but I guess we were all wrong! We had some pretty wild weather the last few days. Wind, rain, snow, sleet hail and some cold temps to go with it. Our pear crops will suffer in the lower elevations as they were already in full bloom and now those flowers lie on the valley floor. The birds loved the weather and surprising they were extremely active, flitting around in the snow and rain from feeder to feeder. They were a delight to watch. I am hoping for a mild summer like last year, so our water holds out and we get the grass planted in front of our porch area. I am anxious to put up the umbrellas and get the solar lights out on the walk, put out new table cloths on the tables and get the chairs clean and the hammocks hung up, so I can spend some lazy afternoons ready my latest book. Go away old man winter, spring is here!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It is 81 degrees!!!

Dex and I got up early to hit the three yard sales in town. Found a nice bracelet for a buck and Dex got a couple of microphones for his studio. We moved a bunch of stuff off the porch today, and washed it down. Raked some leaves and ate our lunch outside at the picnic table - that was so nice. I have washed and sealed the birdbath and need to go put one more coat on it and hopefully it will stay bright for my birdies...speaking of birdies, we discovered a wood pecker family nesting in one of the birdhouses I have on the top of my hammock pole. That is the first time we have had any birds nest in any of our houses. I think I will just let them finish up all the suet cakes before I take the feeders down and give the a good scrubbing and filling with seed. We have fed birds all winter, but I am looking forward to seeing the ones that migrated coming back. Our fawns were out this morning and the squirrels were frolicking in the woodpile...Ah Mother Nature isn't she GRAND!