Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pet Peeve - Storms and Speeding Drivers

Well, we have been having quite the stormy weather and I am a big chicken when it comes to driving if there is a slight possibility of ice. I have a small hill to travel up and down about 1600 feet and they keep it gravelled during the bad weather and that's not what I am really afraid of. It is that "other"driver, who must get in front of the pack, travel too fast and too close. I don't understand it especially in bad weather. Do they not want to make it to their destination without possibly killing themselves or someone else? Usually in the end, I meet up with them at the stop light in town and they have made no headway by driving in such a manner. What they have accomplished is putting their life and those of others in danger, wasted gas, made other drivers extra nervous and showed themselve for the stupid idiots they are.

I watched one of those silly shows on TV this weekend, I think it was called "Speeders" and I just could not believe the excuses people tell police when they get pulled over. The number one excuse is they have to go to the bathroom! One woman said "My car doesn't like going under 40 miles an hour - she had a speeding ticket for every year for the last twenty years - I just hope her insurance company was letting her pay for those tickets through her insurance rates. Even her kid in the car in the front seat was concerned and watching the "speed-mom-meter", I thought that was rather interesting, a child filled with anxiety about his mother driving too fast and she, had no concern at all.

Oh well, maybe I should write off all the agitation to old age, but I just don't remember wanting to get in that kind of hurry, especially with my children in the car and maybe that is why I have never had a speeding ticket in my forty two years of driving. And just maybe, that is why both of my girls are such good drivers.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hopes for 2008

Happy New Year everyone! Ours was a quiet one at home and off the streets, although I did try and lure my sister with a game of late night bingo! The pots are always huge, but our weather has been icy at night and we do not get home to my mothers until 2:00am or so. Good call sis, I stayed home and got some things done and so did she.
My hopes for this year is for people to take a moment from their busy lives to stop and take a look at who is governing them. Just register to vote! Have a say in how you feel about things. At least you will have tried to make a change.

I would love to see the way the primary's are set up changed. I hate the fact that four or five states set the conventions - how about holding all primarys on the same day? Will someone tell me what is wrong with that? It just seems so much more democratic!

No More PORK! Let's pass legislation without it. In fact. let's put all lobbyists out of business.
Term Limits, woohoo, I would vote for that one. Let's put the professional polititians out of business!
Green, Green, Green - let us all do our part this year to make a difference in our planet. We are a nation of consumers, if we are going to consume, let us do it responsibly.
I personally am going to try and get up and move around more, everyday! I work a very sendatary job and IT SUCKS the life out of you. I will try and be more like my children, who are very physically minded!
Pray, I will pray more for my family, country and world. It never hurts and hey all you sceptics out there? What it I am right?
Finally, Love, Love, Love, I will try and do more of that and serve and be more tolerant of all people on this earth....required by my Lord and hey, it just makes you a better person and feel really good!!!
So here is a toast to a new and better year for all people on this planet!

I have high hopes for us all!