Friday, November 10, 2006

Sister, Sister

Both of my daughters are together at this moment. The youngest flew out to the East Coast to spend some time with her big sister. These two have a wonderful relationship and enjoy each other's company so much. They are having the time of their lives right now, I can promise you. I have a younger sister myself and we have been hooked at the hip since I can remember. Yes, there were times I wanted to strangle her, just as my two daughters did when they were growing up, but truly, I cannot imagine my life without my sister. She has been my best friend ever and always will heres to sisters!!! Especially my NEKO!!!


Mishka said...

Unfortunately, she is leaving tomorrow has been a great visit but much too short. I hope she gets to come again for longer next time.

Mishka said...

As you know, the airlines worked with my plan to keep her here one more day. We had a day of waiting on planes by eating out and going to a movie, and then came home to eat homemade mexican (your fried burritos to be exact) and a soak in the hottub. Overall, it was an awesome extra day.

She is on her way hiccups with the flight today.