Sunday, March 11, 2007

global warming in Southern Oregon

I finally went down and bought a battery charger for my camera batteries. When I last tried to take a picture, it was of the snowfall we had a few weeks ago - I thought I had got one pic of the snow, but I wasn't sure. So I charged up some batteries and downloaded 1 pic of the snow. Today it is 64 degrees and we have been outside working most of the day, getting our vitamin D and a little color on our skin and more importantly getting lots of yard work done...hope you all are having a nice sunny Sunday...By the way we ended up with a foot of snow from this snowfall - This is a view from our kitchen window looking out to the road and you can see our pump house and the foundation for the building we are about to erect for our old cars we are restoring.


Mishka said...

That looks so awesome Mom. We didn't get any kind of snow like that, but we are starting to warm up here for sure...might be in the 80s this week but cloudy.

Haha said...

It was, but I have to admit after a few days of it I did get Cabin Fever!

Chicken said...

I am so jealous!!