Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Real Vacation for HaHa

I will be leaving in a week to go a visit my daughter and son-in-law on the east coast. They will be going overseas later this year and they invited me out to see there home before they sell it. I am really looking forward to spending time with them and seeing a few sites. I love there company so much though that we would not have to go anywhere and that would be fine with me too. I am sure Mishka and I will get a few geocaches in and have a few late nite gab sessions as mothers and daughters like to do. My daughter made all the travel arrangements and fixed it so I do not have to change planes but one time which keeps me pretty worry free. I do think it is so important for people to take their vacations. I work in a job that can be frenzied at times and dull others (but mostly frenzied) and your mind just needs a rest from all that. I was fortunate when I was raising our family, that I was able to go on vacation with them and sometimes had a few days off for myself. That is the best of both worlds.

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Mishka said...

I am excited to have you come too, we are going to have some fun.