Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finally settling in

Well, Mishka and J are finally in their home in Okinawa and finishing up making it cozy. Chase will be home soon and then the whole family will be together finally!!! Fall has arrived, just that first hint - you know the hot part of the day diminishes early and the evening air has a bit of crispness in it. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. Fall colors coming, some great wind to blow the leaves and whoopee you don't have to water as much! Dex and I usually try and go see Chicken and William at this time of year in Portland. We usually go to a corn maze, but they have decided to take us on a hike on Sauvie Island near the wildlife preserve. I look forward to seeing all the fabulous birds before many of them migrate south. I am going to start my savings for a trip to Oki as I can hardly wait to see it again and I am hoping my Dex will get to go with me this time! I am also going to try and blog more, now that things a winding down. I love that part, a good book, glass of wine and looking out my window at the woods. My winter bird friends will be back soon too!


Mishka said...

I miss the fall in Portland too....we don't really get much of a fall here although things do cool down a bit and I'll be able to open the windows and shades more...I am looking forward to that.

Chicken said...

I'm looking forward to Fall too although I felt we were robbed on Summer.