Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hotter than Hades

Summer is here! 100 degrees today and promises of 106 by weeks end. I can handle it pretty well as long as there is no humidity and fortunately it is low right now. The routine is get up really early, get watering done outside and get indoors before high noon. I work in an air conditioned office, where I do have to wear my hoody now and then as it gets so cold. It is the ride home that kills me. Directly in the sun all the way home and my little car that has 187,000 miles on it holds up bravely, but I try not to use the AC as it is hard on the small engine and eats gas like a billy goat on a willow tree farm! We keep the house darkened and the little window air conditioner on about 75 and it is pretty comfortable, especially if you are sitting right in front of it like I am right now. Other news - the building has been signed off by the inspectors - finally! I will make Dex and me a batch of strawberry maggies to celebrate and we will pretend we are on a sandy beach somewhere! Now we can start putting stuff away and get organized. Stay cool everyone!!!


Chicken said...

" eats gas like a billy goat on a willow tree farm" - Hee hee. I'm glad that the shop is up. How did the floor project go?

Mishka said...

So glad to hear that it is warm there finally....seemed like it took forever to get going....I guess I need to change your picture up for something a bit more summery, huh? Any requests????