Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Prayer for Sarah


I am offering up a prayer for Sarah - you know Sarah, a dedicated servent of yours. She is suffering greatly Lord and she is scared. Not of death really, but of what is going to become of her family if she is not around. Her husband Jim is not doing so well and is falling apart. I pray you give him strength so he can pass that on to Sarah. Her four boys know what is going on. The oldest will understand, but her other sons may not realize what is happening. I know you can fix this for us all here on the earth, and I know we will accept your will, but I still will ask for a miracle. I know they are possible, but I will never try to judge you for I know we see through the glass darkly. I must always remind myself that death is for the living and that we need to learn something from it. But being a selfish being I will still ask you to spare Sarah. She is such an Angel on Earth, do you really need her right now? Can we have a little more time with her here on this earth? We will accept whatever you decide Lord, but we will not stop praying for this miracle for Sarah.

Lord, I want to thank you for healing Gulshun. She has been in our prayers and will now live because you heard us.

Can we have another miracle...for Sarah.

In Jesus name I pray


Mishka said...

She is in our thoughts Mom....

Haha said...

Thank you darling