Saturday, September 02, 2006

Foureyes and then some

I was so excited to find out they added vision coverage on our health insurance. Because I was going into "Big Town" this weekend I schedule and eye exam. I was way, way overdue. I managed to get it moved up a day and went through the usual procedure including the eye dilation, which is always fun for awhile. To my dismay, I have some issues with my eyes. Too much pressure in the eyes, which could mean glaucoma. He also found some differences in the optic nerves of my eyes. That is really scary. I have been anxiety ridden since he told me and he wants me to see a specialist. I guess I am a Kook as I am looking at everything in every detail, trying to etch it all in my brain, just in case the news is really bad. I would rather lose my hearing any day, then not be able to see the faces of those I love or the trees and ocean or not be able to read a book as I am a voracious reader. We think sometimes to be able to function is our right and it really is a priviledge. Those of you who pray, I would appreciate a word to HIM. The good news is I am going to have a really cool pair of glasses soon... I will keep you posted on the outcome.


Mishka said...

Oh, Mom, I hope it ends up being nothing...I would hate to lose my vision too...that would be awful. I will be sending you many good thoughts...when will you find out?

Haha said...

I will be getting a call from the Opthalmalogist sometime this week and make an appointment. Hopefully he will have some answers for me. I of course let you know as soon as I find out. Thanks for the good thoughts