Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas and all that jazz!

Yesterday my sis and I finished our shopping and it wasn't too bad - we had a great time together and bought the things we had in mind, although I found an extra gift for Mishka that I think she is going to love! It was just sort of a "happening" and those are the best gifts! Dex and I got to spend some time with William and Chicken, we had a marvelous time at the museum and I was turned on to Chuck Close, I got to see a new Van Gogh, aquired by the museum, which was beautiful! I cooked for my kids, beef stroganoff, and they helped me prepare it, boy was it yummy! I left them with some left-overs too! My sis was meeting a guy she has been talking to for quite some time today, through an online dating service she joined. She was like a sixteen year old girl, going on her first date. She asked me if she thought he would like her? I told her if he didn't he was a dumb @?^% and not worth the time of day. At our age, we don't have time to waste on STUPID! I will update you when I get the juicy details. My Christmas message for you all is Love, Love, Love - that is what Jesus, my lord and savior requires of us and guess what, it is fun too!

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Mishka said...

Oh my gosh....I am so excited for Aunt C....I hope he turns out to be a great guy, and regardless I am glad she is willing to get out there still. I know she is lonely sometimes.