Saturday, April 12, 2008

It is 81 degrees!!!

Dex and I got up early to hit the three yard sales in town. Found a nice bracelet for a buck and Dex got a couple of microphones for his studio. We moved a bunch of stuff off the porch today, and washed it down. Raked some leaves and ate our lunch outside at the picnic table - that was so nice. I have washed and sealed the birdbath and need to go put one more coat on it and hopefully it will stay bright for my birdies...speaking of birdies, we discovered a wood pecker family nesting in one of the birdhouses I have on the top of my hammock pole. That is the first time we have had any birds nest in any of our houses. I think I will just let them finish up all the suet cakes before I take the feeders down and give the a good scrubbing and filling with seed. We have fed birds all winter, but I am looking forward to seeing the ones that migrated coming back. Our fawns were out this morning and the squirrels were frolicking in the woodpile...Ah Mother Nature isn't she GRAND!


Mishka said...

That sounds so awesome...a beautiful spring day in Southern Oregon....wonder if the weather will hold.

I need to get a few shepperd's hooks that are strong enough for bird feeders so I can get the two feeders I brought with me out. I am sure the birds here would like a little snack once in a while...I'll have to see what my seed options are as soon as I get those hooks up.

Haha said...

I will be curious to see what kinds of birds will show up at your feeders - we will have to get you a bird book for your area, if you don't already have one.