Monday, March 09, 2009

Chua - The Best Medicine

We went to visit with Gpa & Gma this weekend. Of course, Angel went with us. She feels like their home is her second home and is comfortable the minute she gets there! They were both glad to see her and it was good to see them both laughing and playing with her. She is so good for them. Gpa was moving the handle end of his cane across the floor and she was chasing it like a bunny rabbit, hopping up and down and back and forth. We were all laughing so hard at her antics!

I fixed Noodles Alfredo and fresh broccoli and Gpa even had 2nd helpings! It was a great weekend!

Now that Angel sleeps with us at night, I will be sleeping on the sofa at Gma's as there is not enough room in that double bed for the three of us! I keep thinking I am going to roll over on her, so I don't sleep as well at Gma's. It is fine when we are at home in our own Queen Bed!


Chicken said...

I'm so glad Gpa and Gma have fun with her. She truly is a special dog.

Haha said...

Yes she is and it is like having a Christmas present every single day!