Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Four Day Weekend!

It was very exciting to have four days off. A mini vacation of sorts. We actually slept in (until animals demanded to be fed and potty walked). We got many tasks accomplished and managed to not work the whole day. My sis and Mark came out to spend the night. Dex and Mark started on siding the back side of our house and Dex and I finished it the next day. The weather was agreeable, there was plenty of iced tea and water to keep us hydrated.

We decided to let Buddy be an outdoor/indoor cat. We tried to keep him in, but he has the wanderlust that Toms have. Even though he is fixed and we tried to keep him indoors, he was always trying to sneak out. He is so much happier now that he can come and go when he wants. I pray, he doesn't use up his nine lives to fast.

Dex had evidence of a Raccoon visitor in the shop. Prints on the window of Betsy, the 56 Chevy. I warned him of their aggressive nature when cornered and to have a broom handy in case he needs it. There have been no further signs of him, so he must have had a look and left.

I am really enjoying this weather, but know it will come to an end soon and then the hot days will be here. For now, I am enjoying the hammock and swing while I can.

Monday we put our flag out and I said a prayer of thanks for all those brave men and women who laid down their lives for our freedom. I said a special prayer for my loved ones and their friends and families who are making sacrifices everyday for all of us.


Mishka said...

What a nice post mom...I wish I could be there to enjoy the weather, but we are having some nice weather of our own (minus the rainy season rain each day)...sounds like things are coming need to post some before and after pics of the house...

Haha said...

I will, it is getting better and better, I will try and finish painting (primer)then I just have to pick the wall color. I want to use a rosemary (very light grey-green)as I think that will be very relaxing and easy on the eyes. Then flooring is next!

Chicken said...

This weekend was awesome. Now back to the grind.