Monday, August 28, 2006

Patio Furniture Find

Well, the little well we use either has a pump problem or finally dried up and so we had to switch to the other well, which is deeper, but recovery is slower and water has more iron in it, even though we have it filtered. That means going to the laundromat to wash clothes. I take them home to dry them. As in most cases something good always comes from the little inconveniences in life. Because we had to go into town about 28 miles away, we stopped at a yard sale on the way. We picked up a glass patio table, four chairs and a really cool umbrella. The umbrella is about 8 feet across, muslim color and wooden framed. The whole thing cost $15.00. My backyard is ready for a party.


Mishka said...

Wow that sounds awesome...except for the dry well thing. Are you eventually going to dig another one or do you plan to take clothes to the laundromat indefinitely?

I need to get an umbrella for our table (which is still in the garage getting teaked...)

Chicken said...

Party at Mom's!

Haha said...

The well will fill during the winter and around late December we can use it again. I would like someone to come out and look at the deeper well and check out the casing as I think they did it wrong and I think we need a bigger holding tank too!