Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Baby turns 33!

Happy Birthday Darling!
My Baby came into this world on a early spring morning 33 years ago. She not only had her father and I waiting impatiently for her arrival, she had nursing students and instructor cheering her to come and join us in the world! She was quite the celebrity at the hospital as they cooed over her and passed around pieces of her umbilical cord, for an upclose look. Her father and I were shocked that she was over 8lbs and 23 inches long, as she hid herself well, while nestled inside me. Her big sister waited so patiently to get a look at her and hold her, and we all fell in love and have been ever since. You have brought me tremendous joy daughter, and I and all your family and friends wish you the happiest of birthdays! I love you!


Mishka said...

Happy Birthday Chicken...we do love you so...hope you like the goodies I sent.

Chicken said...

Thanks Mom! I love you too. I loved all of the presents I received!!