Thursday, December 18, 2008

kitties & Pointsettias

Our dear neighbor sent us a beautiful pointsettia plant. I had vaguely rememembered that this could be a toxic plant to cats. Our female Delta wants to eat it and will not leave it alone. Buddy has also shown some interest, so off to the web I went to find out what the truth really is. Well, needless to say there were many opinions, some say yes they are toxic and some say no they are not. One wise source said this - Cats will vomit from eating any plant, including some of the plant grasses that are just for them. I knew that was true as I got some kitty grass and sure enough Delta vomited it right after ingesting, Buddy was not the least bit interested. Best bet is to keep the plant or any plants out of kitty's reach. We will be enjoying our plant in our bedroom as it is off limits to the animals, unless we let them snuggle with us!


Mishka said...

I read too that it wasn't too much to worry about. Chase only seems to want to eat grassy plants..not the ones with big leaves. She does chomp on the bamboo on our deck and usually pukes that up...but I think she does it intentionally so she can get rid of a hair ball.

Haha said...

They did eat the plant while we were away and did puke and have now gotten into another plant - Guess it will be just cactus for me from now on!