Friday, December 12, 2008

Let it Snow!!!

Well our first big snowfall is to happen tonight. I can hardly wait although I am not a fan of driving in it. I have to go to town and will be staying the night tonight in the Rogue Valley. We will see if I make it home tomorrow or not. In any case, I have a good book to read, there is some Hot Buttered Rum fixins at Gma's and I am set. I expect lots of Snowmen and women on the landscape tomorrow, but it is going to get really cold too! About 19 degrees. brrrrrrgh - Santa Weather for sure!

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Mishka said...

Snow would be fun but I can't say I would be all that glad to be in 19 degrees...I have been spoiled by the wonderful winters here. I do love the crisp and clear so reminds me of home.