Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brrrrrgh - Freezing temps!

Well I made it home in the nick of time on Saturday- followed a school bus all the way home and they made a great trail for me in the snow. It has snowed off and on all day today, but I made breakfast burritos and homemade split pea soup. I love to cook in this weather. Had to clean the satellite dish out once and I will not be going in early to work tomorrow. My youngest was cross country skiing and I was happy when she called and said they made it home okay as I checked the weather cam and it was snowing pretty good where she lives. We do not get severe weather very often so we are not necessarily great drivers in the snow and of course there are always those that thing the bigger the SUV the more invincible they are...Not! Shorty saw many of them in ditches on the side of the road, driving too fast and guess what guys???? Four wheel drive doesn't work on ICE. I am more worried about the temps that will be in the teens this week. I hate Ice, unless it is in my cold drink or someone is designing a sculpture!


Mishka said...

I hope you don't have to drive in it too much....Deanna posted pictures of her house on Facebook so I was able to see how much the valley got....did you get more?

Haha said...

We had about 8-11 inches. They are keeping the roads graded more often as more people live out here now and have to commute to GP.