Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Amazing Weather!

This past week has felt like Monsoon season. We have had Thunder and Lightening storms for the last five days. Now this last weekend on Saturday Central Point/Medford had 2-3 feet of water come down in a flash flood. One person's home was hit by lightening and one person was washing dishes at McDonalds and was shocked. No one was hurt, Thank God! Today at work, it started raining again and with lots of Thunder. I called home and Dex was in the shop when the power went out. He went into the house to check on Angel, Buddy and Delta and turned off the computer and I reminded him to stay off the phone. The air is so refreshing and I took a big breath of all those negative ions. I smiled thinking of my family and how much we all loved storms and still do. It is mother nature at her best! We have a couple more days of it and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Storm on!!!

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Mishka said...

I love storms and I am so glad that you and Dad always made them a wonderful thing for us rather than something to be afraid of....some of my best memories are sitting in the backyard watching the lightening.