Monday, June 08, 2009

Urgent Care Experience

I got my arm squeezed really hard between my treadmill and the door frame when trying to move it so we could paint. Didn't think much about it and expected it to be sore, but nothing felt broken. Needless to say, six days later it was still hurting like hell and I started wondering if I may have a hairline fracture. So off to Urgent Care in Grants Pass. I have insurance with a 1000 dollar deductable which hasn't been met yet, so I of course was expecting a hugh bill at the end of this visit. I was there for 3 hours which was the worst part. The doc was very thorough and had me view the xrays with him and even pointed out a bone chip from my childhood broken arm incident. He said I had a very swollen tendon and just needed Ibuprofen and an ice pack and give it some rest! Total cost 37.00 dollars! I was impressed, by the way, that included my co-pay of 25.00. So you can guess what the xrays cost and the price of a physician. It was a better experience that with my regular doc. The length of time was the only drawback. Dex and chua took a nap in the truck!


Mishka said...

I am so glad you didn't have anything broken and that it didn't cost you an arm and a leg....pun intended...heehee.

Haha said...

Me too - if I am going to break anything let it be at work!HaHa!