Thursday, January 11, 2007

Four Wheel Drive Dummies

You know who I am talking about - you are the ones that have this false sense of security in your SUV or Truck. You think your vehicle will drive on any type of road condition - you also think you can continue with your daily habit of talking on the phone through your morning commute, or eat your breakfast, put on your makeup etc. Well, guess what? Your vehicle works no better than my little commuter car on ICE. So, please quit putting the rest of us in danger and just for a day or two, let the phone ring, it will go to your voice mail. Wait until you get to work and eat your breakfast or eat it at home before you leave. Please do not try and put you mascara on in the car while you are driving, you could cause an accident or POKE YOUR EYE OUT! How about just using a little common sense and quit being so damned Narcissistic - it really isn't all about you!

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Mishka said...

I hear you! Thing is that people have been multitasking in their cars for ages...but now the cars are much bigger. They will end up not hurt at all but will probably end up killing someone else in a smaller car and then will make themselves feel better by saying "they should have had a safer car, and they wouldn't have died".

If they could just get the monster trucks off the road, we would all be safer.