Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spring or Bust

I know, I know, we haven't even had real winter yet and here I am longing for Spring. Daffodils, birds chirping, grass and tree buds appearing, the feeling of renewal. Is that too much to ask, so soon? I always get the winter doldrums at this time. The holidays are past and here we are stuck in this winter limbo. Time seems to stand still for me during this time, (except for upcoming taxes) of course. I want to be outside in the sun, digging in the earth, spying on my birds, don't you? My Dex just laughs at me and says we still have a some way to go, but I am impatient with nature. I want to see her burst forth in the glorious way she always does, showing off on her own private runway, her latest fashion. I am ready to buy!


Chicken said...

I know what you mean. I get pretty tired of the gloomy weather right about now. It is funny I was just thinking about the smell of freshly mowed grass yesterday.

Mishka said...

We really haven't had a winter here yet (although this and next week are supposed to be cold), and my poor daffodils are already breaking ground. I am not sure if this freeze we are experiencing is going to mess up all the bulbs or not.

I love spring but I am okay with winter finishing its thing over the next month or so. I guess we are lucky here though, because it starts warming up by the end of February (not hot but at least not freezing).