Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keep your germs to yourself

I am trying not to become Howard Hughish - but darnit, why can't sick people stay home! Intestinal flu was going around the network which is 30 miles away from the executive offices where I work. You would think I would be safe from "their" germs, but I forgot about the inter-office envelopes that are shuttled back and forth between locations daily. I get one everyday from production and of course production is where the "crud" originated. Needless to say, I have been home for two days, not exercised, unless I can log the trips to the loo - only good thing is I have seen some great movies, got to talk to Mishka and got to watch Dr. Phil and Oprah (not afraid to admit it) so it has not been a total loss. I will have two hours of spam to wade through when I get back though. On second thought "keep your germs and spam to yourself" if you don't mind.


Chicken said...

I hear ya. I hope you are feeling better today.

Haha said...

I am much better thank you!

Mishka said...

Sorry you are still feeling the "crud". I hate it when people don't stay home when they are sick. They show up at parties, lunches, work, and other get togethers without any regard for those around them. It's like they think we won't be the same without them...which ends up being true because we end up sick!!!

Hope you feel better soon.