Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Time For Reflection

Saturday, my sister and I attended the graveside service for our friend Vicki's husband Tom, who went on his journey on Feb 29th. Vicki said he passed on Leap Year as a parting gift to them. So they can have a memorial only every four years. Typical of Tommy's Irish humor. I did not know him well as Vicki's life and mine went in different directions, but we saw each other on special occasions. I most recently saw Vicki and Tom at our friend Steve's daughter Sam's wedding, he was unwell at that time. He became progressively ill in the following months and he knew his time was at hand. He was a wonderful husband, father and steward of the Lord. His oldest son Tommy preceded him in death and they are now finally together again in a very holy place...rest in peace Tom.


Mishka said...

I am glad you got to see some of your old friends. I am sorry it was not for happier reasons.

Haha said...

Thanks darling, It was good actually and a healing day.